Researcher in African linguistics

  • Member of the LACITO-CNRS laboratory (oral tradition languages and civilizations)
  • Author/editor of 3 books
  • Author of 6 scientific articles
  • Speaker/invited speaker at a dozen international linguistics conferences (USA, Sweden, Ethiopia...)


Freelance French > English translator since 2000

Books translated

  • Alain Lemaréchal, Comparative Grammar and Typology of Austronesian 
  • Caroline Imbert, System dynamics and functional motivations in encoding Path: a comparison between Old English and Homeric Greek 
  • Isabelle Bril (ed.), Clause linking and clause hierarchy: syntax and pragmatics
  • Claude Hagège, Palau, a Typlogical Curiosity
  • Edmond Dounias, Elisabeth Motte-Florac, Margaret Dunham (ed.), Animal Symbolism
  • Motte-Florac, Elisabeth, Jacqueline M.C. Thomas, (eds.), “Insects” in Oral Literature and Traditions


Work in progress:

  • Guentchéva (dir.) Aspect
  • Bordin, Arctic Night


And well over one hundred scientific articles


Freelance English < > French interpreter since June 2012

(with experience spanning back to 2000)

Economics, Finance, Humanitarian law, Science, Works councils, etc.



  • I carried out various short-term contracts while at University, in the acoustic phonetics laboratory at Paris 3 for the French Délégation Générale aux Armées, the French national telecommunications school (ENST), as librarian, also at Paris 3, at the CNRS-Lacito laboratory segmenting and xml-marking texts gathered by field researchers for the Lacito Archive
  • Qualified for holding Assistant Professorships in France (Inscrite sur la liste de qualification CNU aux fonctions de Maître de conférences en sections 7 et 15) 2002, 2007, 2012



  • Member of La Société de Linguistique de Paris
  • Member of The Association for Linguistic Typology
  • Member of the World Network for Linguistic Diversity (Maaya)